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Dryer Vent Cleaning
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Waiting any more than a year to clean out your dryer vent flushes hard earned dollars down the drain and could cause a dangerous fire due to the lint build up. Feel free to learn about your dryer vent and how to clean it on our website so that you can do it yourself instead of paying to have it done. Then you can call if you need any help!

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North Star

North Star travels throughout Southern NH and Northern MA.

Cleaning a dryer vent seems to be something most people neglect throughout the time of owning their home because they simply don't know the damage it can cause. Learn more about dryer vent cleaning and the potential damages it can cause on our website before getting the cleaning done so that you can understand what we'll be doing and why it needs to be done.

There are pictures of dirty dryer vents, clean dryer vents and plenty of content explaining what we do to clean them and why we're doing it throughout Southern NH. Here at North Star we're very responsive to our customers by responding within the hour to their requests. Simply text us the appointment you'd like and we'll let you know that we can make it or we can choose a different time that fits both schedules.

Dryer Vents NH

Dirty Dryer Vent
Years of Neglect
See what happens to your dryer vent when it hasn't been cleaned more than a year.
Clean Dryer Vent
Clean Dryer Vent
Learn what a dryer vent looks like when its clean and why it needs to stay clean.